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Seating Matters tilt-in-space chair

Seating Matters Milano Chair

We’ve been impressed by the Milano. This tilt-in-space comfort chair by Seating Matters ticks the boxes when it comes to both looks and function.

Seating Matters Phoenix Chair

Seating Matters Phoenix Chair

The Phoenix is an armchair offering an outstanding level of postural support, particularly in terms of the upper body, and, ultimately, user comfort, making it ideally suited for rehabilitation as well as individuals with progressive conditions.

Seating Matters Sorrento chair

Seating Matters Sorrento Chair

The Sorrento is ideal for individuals who have to spend a significant amount of time seated. Designed to offer support as well as help to reduce skin breakdown it is well suited for individuals at risk of pressure sores, suffering from reduced trunk control or swelling, or with rehabilitation needs such as after a stroke.

Bariatric Sorrento Chair

Seating Matters Sorrento Bariatric Chair

The Bariatric Sorrento combines support and comfort and is designed with strength in mind to accommodate individuals with heavier body weight and larger physical size. It caters for individuals with reduced mobility, flexible contractures, post-operative rehab needs, postural problems and pressure issues.

Seating Matters Atlanta Chair

Seating Matters Atlanta Chair

The Atlanta is an ideal chair for those with involuntary movements. Robust and durable, it provides a safe and comfortable seat which reduces the risk of falling though the presence of a deep seat and high arms.

Seating Matters Monaco chair

Seating Matters Monaco Chair

The Monaco is an entry-level comfort armchair and is for users looking to avoid skin breakdown issues with only minor postural requirements.

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