Box Wheelchairs Beach Bomber

For all of you adaptive surfers, beach bunnies, and trail blazers, Motum is proud to present the Box Beach Bomber. Built specifically for the beach lifestyle we love so much here in WA, this chair has several unique features, including a one-of-a-kind rear wheel design, 8″ front creeper wheels as well as a high test vinyl bearing system, ensuring you’ll never have to worry about rusted parts.


The cool chair is also available in a Trail Bomber version allowing you to get offroad if you prefer your adventures to be on firmer ground.

Technical Information

  • A Box Beach Bomber frame, custom tailored to the user
  • Bomber wheels with custom offroad tyres
  • Oversized 10” front wheel and tyres
  • Oversized 24 x 4.5” rear tyres
  • Relatively lightweight, durable frame with drain holes
  • Custom built from the ground up to your exact needs and desires
  • 10 year warranty on welded frame (225kgs limit)


Further Reading
For more information, please head to the Box website for details or call us to arrange a demo.

This product is available for trial

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