Anatomic SITT Zitzi Clozitt (Starfish)

The Zitzi Clozitt (also known as the Starfish) is a multi-adjustable shower and toilet seat for teenagers and adults. It’s particularly good for people with complex seating needs or strong extension tone.



  • Water-repellent, pressure-relieving lining
  • Hydraulic-action backrest
  • Four size options
  • Wide variety of accessories including headrests, footrests, armrests, positioning supports, belts and harnesses also available


Technical Information

  • Maximum user weight = 130kg
  • Seat width 26cm – 40cm
  • Seat depth 37cm – 49cm
  • 0º to 30º tilt
  • Can accommodate up to 20º of abduction or wind sweeping postures


Further reading
Download the Anatomic SITT Starfish brochure for additional information.  Also check out Anatomic SITT’s newer model, the Starfish Pro.

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