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Karma Flexx manual wheelchair

Karma Flexx

Calling all occasional wheelchair users who require a bit more adjustment in their chair…

Karma make good-quality, entry-level chairs and what we like about this wheelchair is that it offers a greater opportunity to customise the fit than most other chairs in this category, helping you to sit more comfortably.

Karma Ergo Lite deluxe

Karma Ergo Lite Deluxe

The Karma Ergo Lite Deluxe is a great, easy-to-transport, short-term wheelchair option for anyone in need of mobility support when they are out and about doing everyday activities. This model has the added bonus of swing-away and detachable footrests.


Karma S-Ergo

Karma S-Ergo 125

The S-Ergo 125 is a short-term use wheelchair with an emphasis on comfort. It provides mobility support for people without complex seating needs.


Karma Eagle wheelchairs

Karma Eagle

The Karma Eagle is a robust wheelchair – it has a virtually unheard of 15 year guarantee on the frame – designed for those who require mobility support without complex seating needs. It also has a high weight rating making it suitable for larger users.

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Our Partners Motum is pleased to partner with some of the very best brands in the assistive technology sector including, but not limited to, Panthera, Sorg, Wolturnus, Aria Wheels, Quantum, Glide, Batec, Alber, Anatomic Sitt, Rifton, Medifab and many more. See below for a more extensive list: Anatomic Sitt Klaxon

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