Make a referral

How to make a referral

Motum offers an appointment-based, clinical service. To provide you with the best possible experience, we require a referral request to be submitted before we can schedule any trials or assessments.

We recommend that the referral documentation is completed and submitted by the primary/treating therapist. Please note that a primary therapist will also need to attend trial and handover appointments.

Manual Wheelchairs

Manual wheelchair (MWC) and/or power assist referral

Powered Wheelchairs

Power wheelchair (PWC)

General AT referral (non-wheelchair)

The General AT form should be used of requests relating to strollers, walkers, alternative seating, 24-hour positioning, standing frames, bathroom aids and anything else that isn’t a wheelchair.


We want to be able to understand a bit about the person needing equipment first so we can ensure we have the most appropriate options available to show you during a trial appointment. This will help you to get the most from your time with us.
Once we have your details and have accepted your referral we’ll assign it to one of our experienced clinical team members. Our clinicians all have different areas of expertise so we’ll aim to pair you up with someone well placed to support you in your assistive technology journey.
Normally we are able to schedule appointments for new referrals within a 2-4 week period, however, sometimes it can take a little longer depending on different factors at play – including your availability, our availability, the availability of the equipment that’s being trialled and the preferred location of the trial.

We do a lot of appointments at our Osborne Park clinic rooms, however, our team also undertakes
community-based trials.

If an appointment is likely to require technical support we will recommend that it takes place at
Motum so that we have access to our workshop and technical team.

No. Motum does not charge for our therapists’ time when we are trialling and scripting new
equipment or remeasuring to grow an existing chair supplied by Motum. Please note that
appointments where we are asked to review and/or adjust existing equipment will incur a charge for
our clinician’s time.

Get in touch – we’re always happy to provide guidance!
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