Anatomic SITT Flipper G2 (previously Flipper Pro)

Anatomic SITT’s Flipper G2 (previously the Flipper Pro) is a stable and versatile height adjustable (hi-lo) base for children and young adults. It has a unique tilt-in-space function meaning that you can tilt the seat without causing instability to the chassis.

When paired with the Discovery Seating System  or Delfi this can also be used as a feeding seat.



  • Available in three size options
  • Compatible with most seating systems, including the Delfi Pro and Sharky Pro
  • Tilt-in-space function to improve weight distribution
  • Available in electric or manual versions


Technical information

  • Maximum weight = Size 2: 50kg / Size 3: 75kg / Size 4: 130kg
  • Seat height (min): 28 / 28 / 35cm
  • Seat height (max): 64 / 64 / 71 cm
  • Total width: 59cm
  • Total length: 65 / 77 / 82cm
  • 0°-30° tilt (or -5° – 25°)
  • 125mm wheels
  • Matt black paint
  • Range of accessories available

Download the Anatomic SITT Flipper G2 brochure, sizing chart or website for additional information.

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