Seabass Pro (Anatomic SITT )

The Seabass Pro is a lightweight, user-friendly mobility base. This base has a universal mounting plate so it can be used with a variety of seating solutions – including Anatomic SITT’s Delfi Pro and Sharky Pro.

If the user weighs under 50kgs then please consider the Seabass Pro’s lighter stablemate – the Guppy.



  • Easily adjustable seat depth
  • Tilt in space, allowing centre of gravity to remain unchanged
  • Universal mounting plate
  • Different mounting positions and levels of adjustment for castors and rear wheels


Technical Information

  • Maximum load = 135kg
  • Quick-release wheels, with five different rear wheel size options
  • Pneumatic or solid tyres
  • A range of armrests and footplates
  • Transport kit option


Further reading
Please download the Anatomic SITT Seabass Pro brochure for additional information.

View our full range of tilt in space wheelchairs.

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