Anatomic SITT Starfish Pro

This is an all-singing, all dancing chair – big brother to the more basic Starfish – suitable for use in the shower, over the toilet or at the basin.



  • It reclines and it tilts-in-space to offer good postural support for all bathroom related tasks
  • Height adjustable (manual or electric options) makes it both user and carer-friendly
  • Easy to get a good fit, thanks to adaptable seat depth, seat width, leg abduction and adduction


Technical Information

  • Strong construction completely in stainless steel
  • Seating covers made with a pressure relieving material developed especially for use in hygiene-related situations
  • Available in 3 sizes to suit children and adults
  • Range of options including headrest, footrest and positioning harnesses/belts if required


Further Reading
For more information, please download a product brochure here or head to the Anatomic Sitt website for details.


This product is available for trial

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