Aria Wheels Ultra

The Aria Ultra pushes the concept of the super-light wheelchair to a whole new level, bringing together exceptional performance with stylish, head-turning looks.
Don’t let the Ultra’s minimalist construction fool you – with its reimagined frame design and cutting-edge alloys, this top-tier Italian-made product is vying for the title of ‘Ferrari of the wheelchair world’!



  • Sleek design and the use of aluminium, magnesium alloy and carbon fibre parts packs a serious punch, delivering strength, rigidity and manoeuvrability in an ultra-lightweight package
  • CNC machining ensures a precision finish to the aluminium components
  • Aria’s patented carbon fibre axle technology effectively reduces shock transmission
  • Build it your way: From its brakes to its dimensions, from its sideguards to its frame colour, you can customise almost every component of the Ultra to suit your unique requirements
  • Customisable backrest angle, seat-to-footrest length, knee-to-heel length, rear-wheel camber and centre of gravity

Technical Information

  • Max. user weight = 100kg
  • Weight = approx. 4.8kg
  • Seat width: 34-44cm
  • Seat depth: 36-46cm
  • Seat height (front): 45-52cm
  • Seat height (rear): 36-43cm
  • Backrest height: 24-42cm
  • 10+ frame colours available
  • Various accessories available

Further Reading
Download the Aria Wheels brochure or visit the Aria Wheels website for more information.

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