Batec Hybrid and Quad Hybrid

Batec hybrid handbikes allow you to get all the exercise benefits of a standard handbike but with the option for electrical assistance when you need it (there are some steep hills here in WA!). Like all Batec handbikes the Hybrid units are incredibly easy to independently attach and detach from your chair.
Thanks to its narrow turning circle, it will enable you to explore easily whilst becoming your perfect ally for cycling wherever you like: forest trails, cycle paths, commuting to work, etc.



  • Can be easily and independently attached and detached from your chair in a matter of seconds.
  • Users with upper limb involvement can use the “Quad Electric” model that offers enhanced controls (allowing complete independence with its use). The electrical assistance on the quad model allows you to ride up steep slopes at the same speed as any other cyclist
  • Lifts the front casters off the ground allowing your manual wheelchair to access a wider range of environments


Technical Information

  • 36V 500W Brushless motor
  • 11Ah Lithium Ion Battery
  • Up to a 30-35km range
  • Ultra fast 4 hour charger
  • 8-speed Shimano Alivio gearset
  • Enhanced controls available for client’s with upper limb involvement “Batec Hybrid Quad” (including disk brakes that activate with reverse pedalling, enhanced grip levers, gear shifters that can be activated without removing your hands from the pedals
  • Free standing when disconnected from chair
  • Avid BB7 200 mm dual mechanical disc brakes with FR7 levers and 170mm Shimano crank arms
  • Front LED Light
  • Dual LED tail light
  • Display panel and cycle computer
  • 2 USB charging ports
  • Weight 19.9 kgs for the unit and 4kg for the battery


Further Reading
For more information, please head to the Batec website for details.

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