Breezy Nuage PLS

A great choice for clients with Huntington’s disease or for people who experience large uncontrolled body movements, the Breezy Nuage PLS seating system provides a great level of customisable support thanks to different positioning options.

We typically pair it with the Breezy Ibis tilt-in-space wheelchair, ensuring optimal comfort for the user and easy manoeuvrability for the carer.



  • Available in three models: the Nuage PLS, the Nuage PLS Active, and the Nuage PLS Active XS
  • The Nuage PLS provides full-body support for adults, while the Nuage Active supports the sitting area and back
  • The Active model is perfect for users with tight hamstrings and permits maximum flexibility. Attachments are available for enhanced lower-leg support
  • The Active XS variant is designed to deliver the same benefits but is sized for children, teens and small adults
  • With a foam latex filling and underlying support bands, these seating systems follow the user’s unique body shape, providing comprehensive support while aiding optimal body alignment, stability and all-round comfort
  • Zipped covers make it simple to adjust the density of the foam latex fillings, while both the underlying shell and support bands are adjustable, allowing an exceptional degree of customisation to accommodate challenging postural conditions
  • A wide range of accessories allow for further customisation, as required

Technical Information

  • Max user weight: 120kg (PLS and Active) / 80kg (Active XS)
  • Seat width: 38-55cm (PLS and Active) / 25-38cm (Active XS)
  • Seat depth: 44-55cm (PLS and Active) / 35-45cm (Active XS)
  • Seat height: 58.5cm (PLS and Active) / 45cm (Active XS)
  • Shell material: Moulded laminated beech
  • Cover material: Dartex
  • Filling: Multifibre and foam latex

Further Reading
Click here for additional information on the Breezy Nuage PLS or speak to our team for further details.

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