Care Wave Sleep System

The value of a good night’s sleep is undeniable, which is why we really like the range of lightweight positioning tools on offer by Care Wave. There is a large range of different microparticle beanbag cushions available in the CareWave range. From the Decubitus cushion for side-lying to the Delta cushion and Semi-fowler for clients who sleep in supine (on their back), there really is something for everyone.



  • Personalise the level of support – CareWave products are easy to put in place and remove, which makes it easier for carers to increase or decrease the support and comfort level around the user’s body and limbs simply and without waking the person
  • Improve alignment and reduce muscle and joint soreness associated with poor night-time posture
  • Some CareWave bolsters have the option of attaching to the bed with velcro, meaning the support stays in place for longer

Technical information

  • Numerous different cushion shapes available, most in adult and children’s sizes
  • Polyurethane coated covers can be wiped clean
  • There are also different cover options available to promote comfort

Further reading
To learn more, download the Care Wave Sleep System brochure.

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