Carrot 3000 Car Seat

We’ve seen a few car seats in our time and this is our favourite. The Carrot 3000 boasts a range of adjustable features to allow longer use and to suit a wide spectrum of needs.



  • Angle and depth adjustable seat and backrest for improved comfort
  • Great levels of growth – you’ll get plenty of mileage out of this investment
  • Complemented by a range of extension accessories, including shoulder protector wings available for a child with seating height more than 65 cm


Technical information

  • Maximum weight = 36kg (minimum recommended weight is 15kg)
  • Anti-escape buckle
  • Free angle reclining option
  • Side impact protection
  • ISOFIX latch and connector


Further reading
For full details of all the features please download the brochure. If you’re looking for something larger then take a look at the Carrot Car Seat XL.

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