Stabilo Beanseat

The Stabilo Beanseat is a fully mouldable alternative positioning seat that can be used to correct postural asymmetries. It can be used to achieve a comfortable, symmetrical position for clients with complex seating needs.



  • Completely mouldable – the vacuum pump takes air out of the Stablio Beanseat, allowing it to be shaped to the client’s body. This provides full-body contact and can be effective in managing pressure concerns
  • A multi-tasker – suited to a variety of lying or sitting positions and can be used for a variety of tasks, such as sleeping or resting, feeding, therapy and downtime
  • Robust and hygienic – the MembraMED cover is breathable, yet impermeable to liquids and microorganisms
  • Very light-weight, making it easy to move around the house and take into the community

Technical information

  • Max. user weight = 130kg
  • Available in two sizes
  • Mobile base

Further reading

To learn more download the Stabilo Beanseat brochure or look at the other Stablio products in our range.

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