Stabilo Multiseat

The Multiseat is on-the-go custom seating at its best. Vacuum positioning enables the shape and hardness of the seat to be adjusted to cater for even the most complex of seating requirements. However, what we really love about this product is its versatility – it can be used as an indoor or outdoor swing, a rocking chair insert, or mounted to an armchair. It can even be used as a carrier over short distances.



  • Fully customisable and moudable shape – ensures pelvis, trunk and head stabilisation
  • Versatile – use it in a variety of different environments with minimal fuss, it’s always good to have options!

Technical information

  • Available in two sizes – the Medium size is generally best for users up to 1.25m, while Large is suited for those up to 1.7m in height
  • Consists of an aluminium frame, Stabilo base, modified Confortable Plus back and headrest, straps and handpump as standard.
  • Complementary accessories include a 4-points holding vest, Stablio shorts to assist with positioning of the pelvis and legs and a wedge-shaped tilt platform available if required.

Further reading
For more information download the Stabilo brochure or visit the Stabilo website.


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