Cura Legacy Chair

The Cura Legacy gets top marks for comfort and is a particularly good paediatric alternative seating option (even though there are sizes to suit all ages).

With good adjustability as well as tilt in space, backrest recline and elevating legrests included within the standard package it’s a good option for kids with Cerebral Palsy, Scoliosis, Kyphosis and paraplegia. It’s also suitable for adults with complex needs, and conditions such as Huntingtons Disease, Parkinsons, MS, MND and more.

Note: our demo is the Infant size.



  • Versatile and customisable – adjustable seat depth, width and height change combined with multi-directional braked castors make it a great in-home option
  • Good in-built growth – ensuring greater longevity for all ages
  • Can be scripted with a range of options, including electric operation, lap tray, cushion upgrades and footplate padding
  • Standard colours –  Ash/Black OR Teal/Blue (or option to choose from a larger fabric selection with a longer manufacturing lead time)

Technical info

  • Maximum user weight = 127kg
  • Available in three sizes (Infant, Kinder and Adult)
  • Seat width: 15cm-40.6cmm (I) / 25cm – 40.6cm (K) /40.6-56cm (A)
  • Seat depth: 20.3cm-38cm (I ) / 30.5cm – 53cm (K) / 40.6-56cm (A)
  • Backrest height: 48cm (I) / 66cm (K) / 76.2cm (A)
  • Seat to footplate: 20.3cm – 63.5cm (all)
  • Seat to armrest height: 7.6cm – 35.6cm (I + K) / 18cm -25cm (A)
  • Made in the United Kingdom

Further reading

For more information download the Cura Seating brochure or visit the Cura Seating website.

For the teal/blue colour scheme take a look at the page for the Cura Legacy Chair. 

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