Equipment Prescription

We’re not your typical equipment distributor, we’re also a private practice owned and operated by highly experienced occupational therapists.

In most cases we will work alongside a client’s regular therapist to prescribe the right combination of equipment for someone.



  • We understand the human body and its sometimes extremely complex needs and have a passion for enabling people to live the lives they want and deserve to live
  • We’re terrible sales people – and if we think there is a more suitable product out there sold by one of our competitors we’ll tell you, and we will never, ever up-sell you products you don’t need

Technical information

  • We have over 75 years’ worth of clinical experience between us – that’s a whole lot mobility and seating know-how
  • We are on the road a lot, including in regional areas – we can come to you, or you can come to our clinic rooms in Osborne Park
  • Our range has been hand-picked – in many cases we have sought out products not previously available in Australia because we believe they are a) great value b) a superior built quality and c) both!

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