Extra Basketball Wheelchair

The Extra Basketball wheelchair is a made-to-measure sports wheelchair boasting both a sleek and strong design. Manufactured in Turkey, these sports wheelchairs are designed to elevate your game!



  • Fully customised – manufactured according to both the user’s size and the position they play on the court
  • Durable design – the frame is made from Aluminium 7020 T6 (the same type used by the aerospace and defence industries) and sensitive points are reinforced against collision and transport
  • Wide range of camber angle options – great for extra speed and maneuverability

Technical information

  • Max. user weight = 130kg
  • Transport weight from 7.5kg
  • Axle Tube straight 45mm
  • Camber angle: 16° , 17°,18°,19°,20° , 21°, 22°
  • Spinergy wheels as standard

Further reading

For more information visit the Extra website.

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