Custom Free Form Seating

When it comes to adaptive custom seating systems, Symmetric Designs’ Free Form Seating is a bit sleeker than the rest, having the advantage of using less obtrusive bracing hardware.



  • Angle, depth and height are all adjustable
  • 3D mouldable for even pressure distribution and the ability to increase support anywhere on the shell shape
  • Offers a combination of strength and flexibility to absorb vibrations and provide a dynamic feel while still being supportive


Technical Information

  • 24-month warranty for the shell
  • Available in three pre-cut shell sizes, or full sheets for assembly into any shape
  • Breathable, washable cover
  • Uses a mix of materials, including aluminum clamps and glass reinforced nylon joining balls



  • The metallic reinforcing structure will be visible in the finished product
  • The Free Form material is solid and robust however this can mean that the finished product can be heavy
  • The Free Form components should be checked regularly and tightened where necessary

For further information visit the Symmetric Designs website

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