Fumpa Pump

We love clever ideas that give people the freedom to move with confidence, and this nifty little pump does exactly that!

Fumpa Pumps make the smallest, fastest and lightest air compressors on the market and we think this convenience has the potential to be a game-changer for wheelchair users.




  • Quick and powerful – each charge has enough power to pump up six tyres to 120psi.
  • Easy to use -The Fumpa features an in-built pressure gauge that reads (and shows you) the pressure in real time
  • Fast to charge – using a USB Type-C connection your Fumpa Pump will be fully charged in 60 mins

Technical Information

  • Each kit contains a Fumpa pump (with lithium battery), USB Type C cable, carry bag and small zip lock bag.
  • Made in Australia, with a 12 month warranty on all parts

Further reading

For more information check out the Fumpa Pumps website or take a look at the video below.

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