Glide Series 4 (ElectraGlide and RocketGlide)

As far as foldable powered wheelchairs go, this one ticks a lot of boxes. Suitable for users with non-complex postural needs, the Glide Series 4 – also known the ElectraGlide (the adult version) and RocketGlide (the kids’ version) are customisable to ensure a good fit and lighter than most comparable options. This makes it more agile around the home and easier to transport.



  • Rear wheel powered drive
  • Easy fold, lightweight yet robust aluminium frame
  • Huge range of optional features and interchangeable components to ensure maximum comfort and performance
  • Large choice of frame colours
  • Electromagnetic and manual attendant breaks
  • Long lasting batteries and an 18km range


Technical Information

  • Maximum weight capacity = 150kg
  • Chair weight = 49-52kg
  • Overall length: 95cm
  • Overall width: up to ~60cm
  • Seat width: options from 31-52cm
  • Seat depth: options from 33cm – 55cm
  • Seat height: 51cm as standard / 46cm with seat lowering kit
  • Range: 18km
  • Legrests with detachable swing aways and plastic footplates
  • Full length, non-adjustable arm rests
  • R-net electronic control system
  • Large range of colours and accessories accessories
  • Meets Australian Standards (AS3695 )


Further Reading
For more information, visit the Glide website, or to call us today to speak to one of our therapists.

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