JENX Dreama

The Dreama is designed to be used at night to support clients who are at risk of developing postural deformities, improve comfort, and in turn contribute to a more restorative period of rest – reducing the risk of developing scolisosis, hip and shoulder subluxations and contractures.



  • Fully customisable – the Dreama base and modular cushions are paired with an assortment of specific supports and straps to achieve optimum night-time comfort and promote 24 hour positioning
  • Position according to individual preferences – supine and side lying positions can be achieved quickly and quietly
  • Suitable for use as a preventative measure, as well as to reduce risk of further postural deterioration – making it beneficial to all age groups
  • Considerate design – individual covers for each cushion mean that you can always see how each accessory is positioned and make small adjustments easily. The slide-and-lock technology eliminates the need for noisy Velcro and/or nuts and bolts that may disrupt the sleeper

Key Benefits

  • Better quality sleep or rest due to comfortable and supportive, pressure reducing cushions
  • Easily contours thanks to strong, flexible aluminium base
  • Allows good ventilation between the body and the cushions
  • Easy to keep clean and hygienic

Technical information

  • Available in 4 sizes – cot, cot bed, single bed and extra long single bed
  • Maximum user weight = 110kg
  • Made from 15cm (6”) deep modular cushions designed specifically to reduce pressure
  • Expansive accessory range includes laterals, positioning pads, t-roll, angle adjustable footrests, knee cups, side lying systems, positioning hoops and abduction blocks.

Further reading

Download the Jenx Dreama brochure for additional information. Motum also stocks other 24-hour positioning systems including the Carewave Sleep System and the Simple Stuff Works Sleep Solutions.

This product is available for trial

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