JENX Multistander

This fully-adjustable 3-in-1 standing frame is a great way for children to develop and work on their upright, prone and supine positioning and develop confidence and strength with their standing. 

We particularly like the excellent growth offered by this model, which together with the range of available accessories, makes it an adaptable and long-term investment. 



  • A quality all-in-one option for working on prone, supine and upright positioning – helping to save space and money
  • Highly customizable ensuring a more comfortable fit – from thoracic, chest and and pelvic straps and pads, right through to the tray, this multi-purpose stander has been designed with individual adjustment in mind
  • Friendly design – crisp white base complemented by bright covers in a choice of red, blue, pink and green, and the open frame shape supports safe and dignified transfers
  • Exceptional growth capability and range of accessories – helping to make it a long-term therapy partner

Technical information

  • Available in 2 sizes, suited for use from 9 months to 13 years
  • Maximum user weight = 35kg / 60kg
  • Manual or powered base option
  • Entry-level head support, knee support, and footplate included as standard
  • Polyurethane support surfaces, impregnated with an antimicrobial agent to help assist with good hygiene

Further reading

Download the Multistander brochure for additional information. Jenx also offers specific-to-need standers so also check out the JENX Prone Stander and the JENX Supine Stander if a multipurpose one isn’t right for you.


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