JENX Prone Stander

The aim of any standing frame should be to make standing enjoyable and practical for the user and be easy to operate for the carer – and this one ticks both of those boxes.

JENX’s dedicated prone stander (i.e support is provided in front of the user) is highly adjustable, provides excellent, individualised postural support and looks good to boot. 



  • Offers a continuous range of angles (0° to 40°) and length so that the optimum position for each child can be achieved – and adjusted for as they grow
  • Highly adjustable ensuring a more comfortable fit – overall design ensures good symmetry and postural support in addition to thoughtful safety measures
  • Tilting footboard – assists in making sit-to-stand transfers easier
  • Angle-adjustable activity tray – contrasting edging gives a definitive boundary, particularly useful for users with visual impairments

Technical information

  • Available in 2 sizes, suited for use from 3 – 14 years
  • Maximum user weight = 55kg / 70kg
  • Polyurethane support surfaces, impregnated with antimicrobial agent to help assist with good hygiene

Further reading

Download the Prone Stander flyer for additional information. The JENX range of standers also includes a Supine Stander, an Abduction Stander, a 3-in-1 Multistander, and an entry-level stander for younger children, the Monkey Stander.

This product is available for trial

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