Jenx Standz Abduction Stander

The design of the Jenx Standz has been inspired by the clinical benefits noted in recent studies of abducted standing (i.e. standing with your feet apart). With this in mind the Standz can be set up in either Prone or Supine with an abduction range from neutral up to 60 degrees.



  • Totally tool-free adjustment
  • Leg length discrepancy is easily accommodated and there is individual control for knee and foot positioning
  • Built in growth makes it suitable for children aged between 1 and approximately 9 years of age


Technical information

  • Built in safety lock for frame angle adjustment (great for busy environments like schools etc)
  • Built in angle gauges for frame angle and leg abduction
  • Individual leg adjustment for both knee and footplate height
  • Antimicrobial, wipe-clean covers
  • Tray and convenient tray storage facility for when the tray is not in use
  • Large range of accessories including headrests, shoulder supports, trunk positioning harnesses, pelvic support boards, knee supports, foot supports etc


Further Reading
For more information, please download a product brochure here or head to the Jenx website for details.

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This product is available for trial.

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