JENX Ziggy

Suitable for children and adults alike, the Ziggy can be used for support, therapy and rest, and to promote everything from crawling, to building balance and strength, as well as helping to maintain overall body posture, during the day, and at night.



  • The Ziggy can be bent into different shapes for different purposes – for example: promote balance by placing the child on top; bent it into a U-shape to create an on-the-go corner seat; or bend it around a person’s hips to keep them in midline and support a prone position
  • Easily transportable, thanks to its size and flexibility, so it can be used at school, home and anywhere in between
  • Simple to keep clean – detachable covers can be machine washed, while the cushion itself is covered in a waterproof antibacterial fabric
  • Works particularly well with the Dreama if extra support is needed

Technical information

  • Available in two sizes (Size 1: (l) 1200mm x (h) 100mm x (w) 100mm | Size 2: (l) 1200mm x (h) 150mm x (w) 150mm)

Further reading

Download the Ziggy product flyer for more information.

This product is available for trial.

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