Klaxon Klick Hybrid Handbike

The Klick Hybrid is an innovative handbike for wheelchairs that combines all the health benefits of manual cycling with the reliability of powered propulsion.



  • Quick to connect and disconnect – we’re talking seconds, thanks to Klaxon’s innovative Klick Linking System
  • Easy to switch between modes – get a workout or enjoy a powered ride
  • Robust build quality – great for all terrains

Technical information

  • Multifunction LCD, 5 push-assistance selection
  • 20” wheel
  • 48V x 500W brushless motor
  • 48V x 11 Ah Lithium battery (weight 3.5 kg)
  • W 60 cm x H 125 cm x D 50 cm
  • Weight = 13.3 kg (without battery.)
  • Double 160mm disc brakes

Further reading

Download the Klaxon Klick Hybrid brochure for more information. We also stock Klaxon’s full range of electric handbikes as well as power assist devices from other brands.

Feel free to email us for a quote on your preferred model or give us a call to arrange a trial have a chat about which model might be best suited to your needs.

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