Krabat Pilot

The Pilot is an innovative and unique crawling aid for children aged between 9 months and 5 years.  It elevates the user’s hips to allow for a natural crawling motion and assists the child up from the floor to help stimulate play and participation.



  • Lots of exploration potential – the Pilot is fitted with 2 multi-directional roller balls in front that swing 360° giving freedom to explore and 2 fixed directional rear wheels to help keep kids on track
  • Ability to personalise experience – adjustable gas spring with three tension settings, plus height and length can be altered
  • Finger-safe design to prevent accidents
  • Removable padding for easy care and washing
  • Optional accessories available

Technical information

  • Max user weight = 25kg
  • Frame total width = 39cm
  • Total length = 31cm
  • Board height = 15-21cm
  • Made from impact-resistant plastic

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