Krabat Pirat

The Krabat Pirat is a highly stable, hydrotherapy floating aid that gives kids of all abilities new opportunities for participation, play and therapy in water.



  • Adjustable board angle to introduce sneaky strength training alongside play – the angle of the board can be adjusted from 0 degrees, where the child is laying horizontally, to 90 degrees where the child is in a standing position. The Pirat can be used to encourage a child to strengthen their neck and back muscles, improve upper and lower limb mobility and increase stability of the trunk.
  • Designed with peace of mind and independence in mind – the child is safely secured on a padded board with a pair of trousers and an optional back strap
  • Great for the swimming pool or beach – made from lightweight titanium so fun can be had anywhere there is water!
  • Two sizes available – one from children aged 2-8 and a larger one for 8+
  • Optional accessories available

Technical information

  • Max user weight = 70kg
  • Total width: 104cm
  • Total length: 94cm
  • Width of support: 23cm (size 1) / 28cm (size 2)
  • Length of support: 25cm (size 1) / 35cm (size 2)
  • Adjustment interval: 0 to 90°
  • Weight of unit: 2.8kg/3g

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