Krabat Runner

The Krabat Runner is a three-wheeled kickbike (think scooter with a seat) or walk bike designed to give enhanced stability while still ensuring outdoor fun can be had.



  • Two-in-one design – the Runner comes with a detachable seat, transforming it from a walking bike to a kick bike
  • Adjust to suit the individual – both the seat and steering bar are height adjustable
  • Easy to transport – the removable steering bar is also fold-able
  • Two sizes available – smaller version suitable for children aged from 3+, larger size for 8+

Technical information

  • Max. user weight = 35kg (size 1) / 70kg (size 2)
  • Total length = 97cm / 110cm
  • Total width = 64cm / 67.5cm
  • Steering bar height = 65-82cm / 81-92cm
  • Seat height = 43-58cm / 53-71cm

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