Loopwheels are an innovative wheel with in-built suspension. They have been designed to reduce vibration, increase performance and provide greater comfort.  Active wheelchair users will find they are able to get more power and drive from using them, while families and carers using attendant-propelled chairs will enjoy less resistance and lower vibrations as they push.




  • Designed to amplify power – go faster and further across all-terrains, including uneven streets, rough tracks and gravel paths
  • Loopwheels’ strong and durable carbon springs absorb vibrations as well as bumps and shocks – jolting and vibration is reduced by up to 70% when compared with traditional wheels, making them a good choice for pain management
  • The hub moves within the rim as the springs flex – the whole wheel acts as a flexible moving system which constantly adjusts to the load it carries and the obstacles it encounters.

Technical information

  • Fits most manual wheelchairs
  • Available in a range of models and colours
  • Made from carbon composite material
  • Standard quick release axles
  • Choice between 12mm or ½ inch bearings
  • Available in 24″ and 25″ sizes

Further reading:

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