MyWam Mouse Stroller

The MyWam Mouse is a user-friendly, highly-adjustable stroller suitable for young and/or small children with a disability. It also provides a degree of growth, thanks to a special insert, and has a good level of built-in postural support helping to keep it in use for longer.

We are a fan of the MyWam range as we believe they deliver a robust build quality at a good price.



  • Achieve optimal positioning with ease – safe and secure postural supports combine with plenty of adjustability to enhance user comfort
  • Lie it flat for rest time, or set to reverse so your child can see you – this stroller is designed to work for you across the day’s activities
  • Standard inclusions: stroller frame with reclining back, seat minimising kit, 5- point belt, headrest, trunk support, abduction belt, canopy, underseat basket, rain cover, mosquito net, abduction wedge, tray table

Technical info

  • Max user weight = 30kg
  • User height range = 80cm – 110cm tall
  • Seat width: 24cm*-32cm
  • Seat depth: 22cm* – 26cm
  • Backrest height: 52cm
  • Total weight: 17-32kg
  • Total length: 95cm – 124m
  • Total height: 122cm – 134cm
  • Total width: 60cm
  • Dimensions after folding (without wheels): Seat – 72cm x 42cm x 39cm / Frame – 84cm x 58cm x25cm
  • Available in Blue or Grey

*with insert

Further reading

Learn more about the Mouse Stroller on the MyWam website (please note that Motum’s standard package differs from the one here, as we’ve scripted our version in a way experience tells us will benefit most of our clients and their families). You can also take a look at the video below.


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