Neat Zeat

The Neat Zeat is a modular solution for activity, feeding and learning activities. It’s suitable for use for children aged approx. 6 months through until adolescence.




  • Huge range of growth, easily adjusted with an Allen key
  • Soft touch dartex upholstery – easily wiped down making it great for feeding
  • Active seating position option

Technical Information

  • Max user weight = 75kg
  • Seat width = 40cm
  • Seat depth = 9cm-31cm (kindy position) / 18cm – 36cm (standard position)
  • Seat height from floor  = 40-68cm
  • Backrest angle = 65-115 degrees
  • Constructed from durable hardwood with either a timber lacquer finish or black
  • Complete package – includes seat and footplate, padded seat cushion and backrest, hip belt, mobile base, tray, laterals and chest strap

Further reading
Read more here or get in touch to try it for yourself.

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