Ormesa Birillo Corner Seat

For younger explorers what could be better than a corner seat that doubles as pre-gait mobility device? The Birillo is just that, and a safe way for young children to start moving and stimulate their curiosity in their environment.



  • Triangular shape limits hip and trunk extension, and the abduction block assists the pelvic position for gait movements.
  • The seat is softly padded in an easy care wipeable fabric
  • Buffers above the solid castors help to protect your walls


Technical Info

  • Maximum user weight = 60kg
  • Suitable for kids up to 8 years
  • Frame and handle bar are both adjustable in height to suit the size of the child
  • Available in four sizes
  • Accessories available, including tray table and headrest


Further Reading
For more information, please download a product brochure or head to the Ormesa website for details.


This product is available for trial


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