P Pod

The highly supportive P Pod is an ideal indoor seating choice for babies, kids and young adults with specialised seating needs.


Designed especially for use in the home or care environment, the award-winning P Pod has the comfort of a beanbag, with the postural support of a more structured chair.


  • Standard supportive design, or custom made
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Moulded seat pod to improve on the beanbag experience
  • A range of stylish, stretch quilted velour finishes
  • Removable covers for cleaning
  • Maintains support in a range of seating positions
  • Optional ‘growth liners’ to prolong use


Technical Information

  • A range of optional accessories including ‘growth liners’ to prolong use, head rests, foot bolsters, lap or free standing trays, a mobile base for ease of movement, and fun mobiles for infants
  • Comes in 11 sizes to accommodate infants through to adults
  • P Pod seats can be custom made for users with more complex needs


Further Reading
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