Panthera ReTyre Traction

The awesome Panthera Re-Tyre Traction skins can turn a standard wheel into a mountain bike wheel in around 30 seconds, making these perfect for slippery or loose terrain.





  • Facilitates accessibility – enables better friction and grip on soft / wet / slippery surfaces
  • Provides additional puncture protection – go off-road with increased confidence
  • Leave the outdoors outside – simply remove the skins before heading indoors to avoid bringing water or dirt inside
  • Foldable – take them with you everywhere you go.

Technical information

  • Compatible with most 24″ tyres (Panthera’s recommended pairing is with the Schwalbe Right Run 24″ which can be scripted on most of their chairs). 
  • Easy assembly / disassembly with Velcro fastener
  • Once fitted there may be a gap of between 0-20mm, which take up the variations that may occur due to differences in manufacture or wear. The gap does not affect function or driving experience
  • Supplied with their own storage bag.

Further reading

Seeing is believing so we recommend watching the below video or visiting the Panthera website.


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