PDG Stellar GL / GLT

The PDG Stellar GL, and its lightweight sibling the GLT, are some of the few manual tilt-in-space wheelchairs in the market that offer up to 45° of tilt while maintaining a low seat-to-floor height – a factor that can help to maximise user independence and is particularly beneficial for users who like to foot-propel.

The GLT frame is approximately 9kg lighter than the GL.



  • Low seat-to-floor height makes it desk/table accessible
  • Short wheelbase enhances maneuverability
  • Suitable for users who self-propel, or foot-propel
  • Adjustable wheel location

Technical information

  • Max. user weight = 204kg (GL) 35.5cm /113kg (GLT)
  • Rigid frame made from rugged steel (GL) or lightweight aluminium (GLT)
  • Seat width: 35.5cm – 56cm /14″ – 22″
  • Seat depth: 40.5cm – 56cm / 16″ – 22″
  • Back seat angle: 90 – 122°
  • Dynamic tilt: Up to 45°
  • Chair weight (excludes seating and accessories): ~23.5kg (GL) / ~15.5kg (GLT)
  • Overall width: 23cm – 26.5cm / +9.5” to 10.5”
  • Transit tie-downs available

Further reading/viewing

For more information on the Stellar GL or GLT visit the PDG website or take a look at the below video.

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