Quickie Q500 M Mini

By bringing together high performance and multi-terrain capabilities with excellent indoor manoeuvrability, the Q500 Mini opens the door to adventure.
Designed for users who want to experience all that life can offer, this compact base delivers consistent performance in varied environments, while the Sedeo Pro seating provides customisable comfort and support



  • The mid-wheel-drive design maximises traction, while the innovative all-wheel suspension system delivers a firmer, more responsive ride.
  • Users will appreciate the compact chassis and minimal turning circle – features not always found in high-performance powered wheelchairs.
  • The anti-pitch technology ensures users can tackle slopes with confidence.
  • The height- and angle-adjustable Sedeo Pro seat allows for greater independence, enhanced social interactions and greater comfort.
  • Experience intuitive control, with the VR2 controller or R-Net joystick. An HD display panel, assignable buttons and infra-red, Bluetooth and iDrive connectivity are all built in!

Technical Information

  • Max. user weight = 136kg
  • Max. speed = 10km/h
  • 40 Ah batteries
  • 4 accent colours available – black, blue, red and white

Further Reading
Download the Q500 range brochure for further details.

This PWC is available for trial.

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