Quickie Zippie Voyage Stroller

This super comfy stroller that grows with you child delivers the brilliance of the Baby Jogger™ together with the most functional and clever accessories for kids with mild to moderate positioning needs.



  • Intuitive and easy to use, extremely compact when folded
  • Patented Quick Fold technology so you won’t struggle getting it in and out of the car or storing it away
  • Wheel suspension provides the smoothest ride for your child, even over the bumpiest terrain
  • Soft, adjustable parts with attractive polka dot upholstery
  • Simply change the lateral positioning parts to adapt to growth
  • Large storage basket for those who don’t travel light!


Technical information

  • Incredibly easy to use Quick Fold technology – fold in one simple step
  • Super compact
  • Range of supports and straps to provide maximum support and comfort
  • Lockable swivel front wheels with suspension
  • Quick-access wheel locks (by hand)
  • Telescopic stroller handles
  • Carry-all storage basket with 6.8kg weight capacity
  • Slide-N-Lock Interface Plate so you can change stroller base with ease
  • Reversible seat with simple tilt and recline – 35 degree rear tilt (optional 45 degrees), as well as forward tilt to assist with reaching and other skills
  • Range of functional accessories to simplify daily life


Further reading

To find out more, please download the product brochure here, or give us a call today.

This product is available for trial.

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