Quickie Q700 R

Boasting full suspension in all four wheels along with leveller technology, the Q700 R combines a smooth and stable ride with maximum user control.

Quickie describe it as its most advanced rear-wheel drive powered wheelchair and it ticks all our boxes too in terms of manoeuvrability, stability, comfort and build quality.

The Q700 R SEDEO PRO can climb kerbs and ramps of up to 8cm (10cm with a climber). 



  • Rear-wheel powered drive
  • A superior ‘all-round’ suspension – bumps and jolts are dampened, while the four-wheel suspension enables castor arms to articulate independently for maximum traction and stability
  • Smooth or sporty, you decide – built to suit all driving styles, both drive wheels are connected by a pivot bar that absorbs the natural pull to one side when travelling across cambers and round corners at speed. Plus, adjustable springs ensure you keep maximum traction all the time
  • Highly customisable – the SEDEO PRO seating system is adjustable in all the areas it needs to be and has a complementary range of accessories to ensure ever user rides in comfort
  • High tech, yet easy to use – the large HD display and simple to control paddle switches allow for intuitive operation.
  • Connect and control all your devices, including phone, tablet, computer and home entertainment systems
  • Put your own style stamp on it – choose from 7 different highlight colours (standard) or design your own look completely (custom)

Technical information

  • Max user weight = 160kg
  • Speed = 6km/h high torque, 10km/h standard
  • 60 Ah battery (72Ah optional)
  • Max. range of 40km
  • 95cm turning diameter
  • 64cm overall width
  • 38-56cm seat width
  • 41.5-49cm seat height
  • 40-60cm seat depth
  • 53-72cm backrest height
  • 30°/50° seat tilt
  • 8° max. safe slope
  • Superior R-Net advanced joystick as standard

Further reading

For more information download the Quickie brochure, or call us on 9381 2087 for a chat. Motum also stocks front and mid wheel drive models in this range.

This product is available for trial

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