RGK Octane FX

The RGK Octane FX is a seriously cool option for wheelchair users who travel a lot, as it’s an active chair that can fold into a size that fits into most overhead lockers. This means no more worrying about if your wheelchair has made it in one piece (or at all!).




  • Ultra-compact folding chair – the FX folds down into a briefcase-style shape, making it super easy to store
  • Light but strong – the titanium frame is designed to ensure it’s robust enough to take on cobblestone streets and a range of different surfaces
  • Custom made – ensuring a perfect fit, optimised efficiency and only the accessories you want and need


Technical information

  • Max. user weight = 110kg
  • Seat width: 25cm – 46cm
  • Seat depth: 25cm – 46cm (extra seat length possible)
  • Front frame height: 48cm – 55cm
  • Rear frame height: 36cm – 55cm
  • Available in a range of colours – including gloss, matte and metallic finishes
  • Customisable upholstery
  • Product weight from 8.6kg


Further reading (and viewing)

For more information on the Octane FX check out the RGK website or take a look at the below video.


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