Rifton Anchors and Grab Bar

For those after some portable, yet sturdy, stabilisation aids then the range of grab bars and anchors from Rifton is a great place to start.

For users with low muscle tone they can be used to enhance support and develop strength for improved functional sitting, meanwhile for those with high tone or movement disorders they can be used to provide stability and promote the use of the free hand or arm. They are ideal for use around the home, in the classroom or workplace.

(Please note these anchors and grab bars are intended as short term positioning aids and are not intended for use as primary standing support or for transfers.)



  • A whole family of anchors to choose from: arm, hand, wrist, elbow, horizontal, plus grab bar
  • Increase functionality – the additional stability they offer will help make it easier for the user to practice self-supporting skills, or participate in work or play
  • Attach them to any flat, clean surface – the use of suction caps make it easy to change where they are used and to ensure that the positioning is right for the user

Technical information

  • Made from high-quality plastic that will last for years.
  • This product is designed and tested for an expected life of 5 years when used and

Further reading

Download the Rifton Anchor Family and Grab Bar brochure.

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