Rifton Multistander

We love standing frames because they offer so many benefits to the use – including the opportunity to enhance interaction opportunities as well as build strength. The Rifton Multistander (also referred to as the New Stander) is a 2-in-1 model enabling it to be used in both prone or supine figuration, with the ability to easily change between the two making it a great all-rounder.

Please note that we will be unable to script the Size 2 until 2024.



  • Supports abduction up to 30°  – promotes hip joint development. Independent adjustments for hip and knee flexion and leg length accommodate contractures and discrepancies 
  • Transforms from prone to supine set up in 5 steps – add/remove upper trunk support; rotate the tray; swap the supine hip strap to the prone pelvic harness; add/remove the supine knee straps, turn the sandals 180 °
  • Makes transfers easier – sit-to-stand transfers can be completed in prone configuration or lateral transfers in supine configuration


Technical information

  • Max. working load (ie. user weight + any attachments)  = 34kg (Size 1) / 45kg (Size 2)
  • Recommended user height range = 71 – 107cm (Size 1) / 96 – 135cm (Size 2)
  • Base dimensions (length x width): 83 x 55cm (Size 1) / 99 x 69cm (Size 2)
  • Height of horizontal body support above floor:  56 – 71cm (Size 1)
  • Sandal to knee height: 17.5 – 28cm (Size 1)
  • Knee to hip height: 15.5 -27cm (Size 1)
  • Sandal to top of headrest: 80-109cm (Size 1)
  • Width between trunk laterals: 14-25cm (Size 1)
  • Width between medial/lateral thigh supports: 6-10cm (Size 1)
  • Basic item weight: 21.5kg (prone) / 23.5kg (supine)

Further reading

More information can be found on the Rifton website, or in the attached brochure. The below video is also helpful!

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