Rifton Support Station

The Rifton Support Station is designed to enhance independence, participation and dignity in the bathroom. Users, including those with partial weight-bearing abilities, can practice using their own strength and skills to stand in a supported upright position as they move out of their wheelchair for toileting. It can dramatically improve the toileting experience for both users and their caregivers.



  • Adjustable features to create the right level of support for the user – angles on the padded trunk board and kneeboard can be changed to work with the user’s abilities, creating opportunities for supported standing practice. In pivot mode, it can be used to aid with safe transfers from a wheelchair to a fixed toilet
  • Reduces awkward manoeuvering – the upright position assists with access to skin and clothing. This helps to make toileting quicker and more hygienic while also preventing the risk of injury and back strain among caregivers
  • Unobtrusive – folds flat against the wall when it’s not in use

Technical information

  • Max user weight = 113kg
  • Min user height =117cm
  • Max user height = 203cm
  • Depth when trunk board is horizontal = 79cm
  • Depth when collapsed against the wall = 20cm
  • Optional handholds to provide grab points for the user
  • Optional support strap
  • Available with and without kneeboard

Further reading

Take a look at the Rifton Support Station brochure, visit the Rifton website or take a look at the below video:

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