Anatomic SITT Delfi Pro

Anatomic SITT’s Delfi Pro is one of the most flexible, postural seating systems available. It has been designed specifically for users with fluctuating muscle tone, particularly active extensor tone, and can also accommodate a wide variety of musculoskeletal difficulties.



  • Unique “flex joint” dynamic support  – this allows the child to have dynamic movement within the seat
  • Growable – adjustable seat depth (up to 10cm), adduction and abduction leg positioners and pelvic stabiliser
  • Easily fitted to a range of our high-low bases or wheelchairs such as the Guppy, Flipper Pro, or Loop

Technical Information

  • 5 size options, seat depths ranging from 14cm – 45cm
  • Suitable for users between 60cm and 170cm in height
  • Extensive range of accessories, including head rests, footplates, trays, support options – there’s even a sunshade!
  • Thermal fabric options


Further reading

You can download the Anatomic SITT Delfi Pro brochure for additional information or visit the Anatomic SITT website.

This product is available for trial.

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