Simple Stuff Works Sleep System

Sometimes simple is best… and that’s why we love the award-winning range developed by Simple Stuff Works which can help families experience a better night’s sleep.  Motum’s therapists can make recommendations drawing from the full range – comprising everything from stabilising mesh, temperate toppers, sheets as well as a variety of cushioning and supports to find the right fit for you.


The Simple Stuff Works range includes:
Stabilizing mesh – a hygienic, silent mesh base used to secure supports. Available in single and cot sizes

Sheets – made of an extra stretchy, soft-yet-hard wearing material these are ideal for using over the top of the stabilising mesh and supports

Temperate Topper – designed to draw moisture away from the user and be temperature neutral to avoid interfering with a users thermoregulatory system. Available in single and cot sizes

Treat-Eezi Pressure Care Relief – a full length mattress topper that has been proven to help prevent and heal pressure sores. It provides additional padding, helps to decrease sweating and is ideal for use for patients who lie in a static system. Available in multiple and custom sizes

Supports, cushions, stabilisers and wedges – the range includes pelvis, trunk, leg, foot and neck supports to help achieve optimal sleep positioning. Some styles are also designed specifically for use with air-flow or low air loss mattresses

Further reading

For more detailed information on the full range visit the Simple Stuff Works website. For further information on the studies undertaken on the Treat Eezi Pressure Care Relief you can read the clinical evaluation here.

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