Smartdrive MX2 + Pushtracker

If you’re after a bit of extra oomph the Smartdrive MX2 + Pushtracker is a power assist device that certainly packs a punch while also being easy to use for active wheelchair users.



  • Simple to operate – it even has cruise control!
  • Now with the added features of the PushTracker Activity Monitor and its free Smartphone App, in addition to controlling your SmartDrive you can track day-to-day propulsion metrics—including push count, coast time and more
  • Works well on a range of terrains – from steep hills through to thick carpets
  • Good range – up to 19km
  • Compatible with most chairs, and the FreeWheel


Technical Information

  • User weight = 14kg – 150kg
  • Speed: 0.8 – 8.8 kmh
  • Push Activated Cruise Control
  • Bluetooth LE Drive Control
  • Weighs only 5.7kg
  • Rigid and folding chair compatibility


Further reading

For more information visit the Max Mobility website

View our full range of power assist options.

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