SORG Dynamis TSD

The Dynamis TSD is a dynamic tilting wheelchair developed specifically for users who experience uncontrolled movements. These chairs feature the robustness that SORG’s chairs are renowned for, with the added benefit of pivot points and spring support systems which brings the user back to the original sitting one the movement is complete.



  • It enables guided movement – the in-built flexibility of the Dynamis TSD works with the user’s movement, rather than restricting them.
  • Thoughtful and robust design – all functions can be operated with just one hand (tilting, back angle adjustment, adjustment of the leg support etc) meaning that the caregiver will always have a hand free. It also features SORG’s high-quality workmanship, premium materials and the potential for growth.
  • Lots of customisation options – we especially like the fact that you can choose from the base shell version, which is compatible with a range of different seating systems.

Technical information

  • Max user weight = 90kg
  • 30-50cm seat width / frame width (with growth of +2cm and +4cm)
  • 32-52cm seat depth (with growth of =2cm)
  • 40-65cm back height
  • -3° to +30° tilting angle
  • Back angle adjustable in three basic settings (90°/95°/100°)
  • Dynamic back system with continuously adjustable back suspension by means of spring damping including rebound return to the pre-set basic setting
  • Dynamic leg support
  • Height-adjustable push handle
  • Standard headrest
  • Anti-tipper (tilt protection) on both sides
  • Standard wheels with drum brakes and quick-release axles as well as solid or pneumatic tyres
  • Caster wheels with aluminium fork in various versions
  • Knee lever and drum brakes

Further reading

Download the brochure or visit the SORG website for more information.

** The Sorg Dynamis TSD is CE certified and has been designed and tested in compliance with the EC Directive 93/42/EEC, and crash-tested (ISO 7176-19).**

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