Quickie Q700 Up

The Quickie Q700 Up is a powered wheelchair that combines all of the benefits of the Q700 M’s high-performance mid-wheel drive base (hello SpiderTrac™ 2.0 suspension!), a customisable seating system and innovative controls with the power to stand whenever you want….and we like it, in fact, we like it a lot!


Superb indoor agility – enjoy intuitive driving and excellent maneuverability in tight compact spaces with its narrow base and turning circle

  • High-performance outdoor suspension – the independent movement of all six wheels ensures you stay in control and maintain stability at all times
  • Travel in comfort – the SEDEO ERGO, with patented biometric repositioning, is more effective than any other standing wheelchair seating system when it comes to independent repositioning throughout the day
  • Good for your wellbeing – standing chairs offer a host of benefits, including improved pressure relief, an enhanced ability to reach and access your environment, and better circulation and bone health
  • Power at your fingertips – choose from 10km per hour as standard, or upgrade to 6kmph (high torque) for the ultimate performance. Plus, with a choice of 60 Ah or 72 Ah batteries, you can maximize your range of up to 40 km and experience outdoor performance like never before
  • Intuitive – Get the most out of your Q700-UP M’s powered seating options with memory seating, allowing you to save up to 6 programmable positions and transition to them with a simple press of a button.

Technical information

  • Max. user weight = 120kg
  • Min wheelchair weight = from 160kg (includes battery)
  • Speed = 6km/h high torque, 10km/h standard
  • 60 Ah battery (72Ah optional)
  • 1m turning diameter
  • 62cm overall width
  • 1.07m overall length
  • 40-50cm seat width
  • 45-54cm seat height
  • 40-54cm seat depth
  • 51-61cm backrest height
  • 10° max. safe slope
  • 10cm max kerb climb
  • R-Net controller; lights and indicators
  • 6 colours available – red, blue, green, orange, white, black

Further reading
Download the Q700 Up brochure, visit the Sunrise Medical website or learn more about the other Quickie chairs we stock.
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