TriRide Special Compact HT

The TriRide Special Compact HT is described as a “Jack-of-all-trades”, and for good reason too. It’s an excellent all-rounder, delivering plenty of power despite it’s compact form.


  • Incredible traction – high torque even at a low rpm
  • Customisable for city or off-road use – choose your tyres and speed setting to maximise performance
  • Plenty of fruit  for a better ride experience – includes adaptive cruise control, dual drive profile, energy saving Eco Drive mode, LCD display, assisted load, reverse, powerful disk brakes etc.
Technical information
  • Max user weight = 140kg
  • Transport weight = from 11kg
  • Torque = 75 Nm
  • Up to 50km range
  • 12″ driving wheel , with strengthened aluminium rim
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Max power 1000w with 36v & 1400w with 48v
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • All-road version includes 12″x 3-8 tyre and inner tube and carbon fender as standard
  • A range of colour options available
Further reading
Download the Special Compact HT information sheet or visit the TriRide website. Click here to see the other TriRide models.

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